PT Prodia Diagnostic Line (Proline) is a business unit of Prodia Group which engaged in IVD industry. Bearing Prodia name, which known to accentuate quality with nearly 40 years of experience in the world of clinical chemistry in Indonesia, Proline also put quality in its products.

At Proline, everything we do is inspired by our mission, values and vision. Our Mission is to meet national and regional need of qualified IVD products. To become a leading IVD manufacturer in Indonesia is our vision.

Our Production Unit is located in the biggest industrial area in the country, around 30 km eastern Jakarta. It is equipped with various systems which ensure quality of our products. Our air handling system minimize possible contamination and keep every square meter of our production area to meet class D requirements based on ISO 8 standard. Our water treatment unit produces high quality water (reagent grade water) and add quality to our products. All raw materials, intermediary and finished products are stored at optimum temperatures, with 24 hours a day temperature control and centralized monitoring system to ensure the quality of goods is maintained during storage.

In doing our business we collaborate with Diasys as a pioneer in the field of liquid stable reagents with 20 years of experience. In the medical laboratory sector, Diasys is synonymous with superior quality reagents and systems that are both extremely reliable and environmental friendly. Referred to quality management systems of Diasys to be applied locally we strive to give high quality products and solution for our customers.